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"Thank you Nancy [Owner and RN]. It's people like you who make it possible for people like me to be thankful. I really appreciated all that you did to get me a good ACL brace for my leg and for all the time that you spent with me. I couldn't have asked for any better help."
Debbie Harwood, 2Care4 Medical Customer

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Rehab and Therapy Supplies

Choose from the product listing below for rehab and therapy supplies.
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Everything you need to take care of your ankle sprain!
Options: Large, Medium, Small, Left, Right
Price: $90.75
Keep one of these handy to fill your exercise ball.
Price: $4.59
Over door head traction set is ideal for home use.
Price: $29.59
Improves ankle strength, range of motion, and helps prevent injuries.
Price: $41.29
An excellent means of applying resistance to the upper and lower extremities.
From: $21.95
Highest Quality, Burst Resistant Exercise Balls for Sitting, Stretching and Strengthening.
From: $36.99
Used for rehabilitation, conditioning and training.
From: $8.59
Provides cooling relief.
Price: $25.69
Improve or maintain grip strength and dexterity.
Price: $9.85
Designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands.
Options: Large, Medium, Small
Price: $35.79
Gently immobilizes your elbow, preventing painful movements, while you sleep.
Price: $54.89
Designed to relieve finger and hand pain typical of arthritis and other conditions.
Options: L, M, S, XL, XS
Price: $51.29
Deep kneading shiatsu for the neck.
Price: $67.99
Helps restore shoulder, arm, or upper torso mobility.
Price: $24.75
Excercise Peddler can be used on the floor for exercising legs or on the table for exercising arms and upper body.
Price: $41.75
Provides customized treatment for tired, tense and aching muscles.
Price: $111.99
Improves balance, co-ordination and posture, while reducing the risk of injuries through enhanced neuro-muscular awareness and reaction time.
From: $73.29
Versatile tools for stretching, rehabilitation, physical therapy and fitness.
Price: $49.95
Can be used either as a balance disc or an active seating cushion.
Options: FSDJR, FSD
From: $43.99
A vest with multi sensory and activity features.
Price: $100.00
Promotes lactic acid flush-out and relieves delayed onset muscle soreness.
Price: $31.59
Used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement.
From: $24.99
Improve posture and allow a certain amount of wiggling around without having to get off the chair!
Options: Junior, Adult
From: $49.99
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