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"I am extremely satisfied with the cast cover. When I had to get emergency surgery just before going away on holidays I didn't think I would get an opportunity to enjoy the trip as I would have liked. And, although I was limited, the [DryPro] cast cover gave me a chance to go snorkeling and swimming while in Hawaii."
C. Ball, 2Care4 Medical Website Customer.

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Patient Positioning Products

Choose from the product listing below for patient positioning products.
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Positioning backrest pillow wedge with a removable centre that provides a choice of two elevations.
From: $100.00
Provides support and stability to a full arm - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $109.99
Great for patients recovering from surgery, back problems or weak hip flexors.
Price: $23.05
A bed wedge in a variety of sizes designed for those requiring head, back or leg elevation.
From: $35.99
Cover Options for Body Wedges
From: $23.89
Folds compactly for easy storage and transport.
From: $52.50
Used to immobilize the hips and legs of patients.
From: $51.39
Used to align and stabilize hips and knees - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Options: Large, Regular
Price: $129.99
Designed for patients that require lower extremity contracture management - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $118.99
Designed to provide safe and effective infant positioning.
From: $40.99
Designed to minimize strain on back by properly aligning legs and hips while lying on side.
From: $28.29
Fits under patient's legs and elevates heels.
From: $82.50
Supports and aligns from hip to ankle - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $159.99
A simple way to help lift your leg.
Price: $16.75
Helps to reduce/control deformities of articulations, as well as spasticity and facilitates hygiene.
Price: $35.75
Contours perfectly to neck, lower back, knees and legs.
Price: $31.19
Can be used in many positions to support back, knees or legs.
From: $71.49
Ideal for small transfers, this glove enables quick adjustments around the shoulder and hip position.
Price: $17.55
Supports the baby's head and neck and reduces pressure on soft scalp areas.
Price: $40.99
Comfortably and securely maintains baby in elevated position - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $274.99
Centre core cutout eliminates all ear contact - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $124.99
Used for positioning and repositioning individuals in a wheelchair, lift chair, lounge chair or bed - SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $195.99
Used for repositioning while seated - SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $119.99
Helps maintain or increase range of motion.
From: $65.99
Supports and stabilizes the shoulder blade in bed positioning.
Price: $74.99
Relieves foot, heel and ankle pressure.
From: $48.00
Offers the ultimate stability in postural support - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $184.99
Minimizes possibility of leakage by containing heavy voids with an absorbency of 3 cups. Standard, with Handles or with Flaps.
From: $23.50
Support patient's side, or back, or can be used to keep sheets off of patient's feet.
Options: Uncovered, Covered
From: $31.99
Comfortable and easy to apply.
Price: $85.99
Provides comfort, support and stability to the legs - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $199.99
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